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Canciones Ajenas is a Latin Fusion tidal wave of music from a musician who trusts his emotional reactions to the world.  Enrique Infante expresses his questions and beliefs about life in this rhythmic and musically skilled album.  “Con un poquito de amor” is a lovely coming of age song with the theme of living in the moment repeated in the upbeat “En la vida Habra”.  The addition of horns on the bridge of the latter was a dynamic effect.  “Mercedes con fundamento” is a passionate, haunting tribute to the deceased Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa.  The global issues of love, spirituality, domestic violence and values are expressed in varied and moving compositions.  For the romantic, the endearing “Cuando te encontre (Quando Eu te encontrei)” will move the listener to sway and sing long after the song has ended.  If you are not bi-lingual it will not minimize the meaning of this album and to quote the composer, “don’t worry, music is universal.”  Indeed it is.

---- Sarah Kingston, Vocalist/Composer

Canciones Ajenas (Other People's Songs). The record boasts songs in a variety of styles, from Santana-esque Latin rock to smooth percussion and acoustic guitar ballads and even hints of the traditional music of his native Peru. Well worth a listen.

---- Jim Fischer, Writer at This Week News



¡Qué Gozada! Notables canciones. Muy buena produccion. Son una gozada las voces. Es un placer escucharlo de camino al trabajo.

---- Adriana Fonseca

No se pierda esta gran fusión. La fusion de la musica que hace Kique en este CD es algo para poder alabar. Combina musica de diferentes generos y paises como el bossa brasilero, la musica afroperuana, la rumba cubana; dentro de los que habria que destacar. Habria que felicitarlo por aquel homenaje que le hace a La Negra, Mercedes Sosa. Suerte Kique! que sigan los triunfos

--- Carlos Zuñiga

Great disc! Highly recommended. This is a great album from a fantastic artist. The voices and rhythms are excellent, and the lyrics intriguing. Check it out!

---- Lindsey McKay Ibañez

Listener to Global Music. I have enjoyed listening to Enrique Infante's latest CD Canciones Ajenas and I recommend this to other listeners' who like and may want to try listening for the first time Latin music. For any of the listeners' that like Latin and Global Music, this was a well done musical selection of songs for Enrique and the musicians on this CD. Keep on going and hoping soon for the next one.

---- Patrick Smith (local and global appreciator of creative music)

Great Album!!! This is a great album from a fantastic artist. The voices and rhythms are excellent, and the lyrics intriguing. Check it out!

---- Erin M.

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